Iraqis Elect a New Parliament With A Quarter of the Seats To Be Held By Women

On Sunday, March 7, Iraqi citizens went to the polls in their country and 16 other countries around the world to elect their next parliament.  Attempts by extremists to discourage Iraqis from exercising their civil rights by killing their own citizens were unsuccessful.  People turned out in large numbers and  gave their young democracy new meaning and hope for the future.  The participation of women candidates from across the political spectrum with 25% of the seats in parliament set aside for women helps assure that  that all Iraqis will be represented.  The Iraqi people deserve our congratulations.  Together with our Iraqi partners, Estonia and the United States have worked hard and sacrificed to help the Iraqi people take back their country from dictatorship and terror.  While much work remains to be done, this past Sunday was another historic milestone in the life of a  new democracy and in the cooperation between our three countries and other coalition partners.

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