A Candle For The Fallen – Hope For The Future

Yesterday evening, my wife Hallie and I lit  candles together with citizens of Tallinn in commemoration of the March 9, 1944 bombing of the city by the Soviet air force.  As a cold wind blew along Harju Street, we all placed our candles on meter-high wall in front of St. Nicholas Church.  The church, now rebuilt, had been destroyed in the bombing and the resulting fire and more than 600 people lost their lives.  The event was organized by a private Tallinn citizens initiative and significant in its dignity and lack of drama, which made it that much more dramatic.  Estonians remember their often painful past quietly, but with resolve and hope for the future.  The light our candles provided seemed as much to shine for the lives lost as for the bright future course Estonians have set for themselves since regaining their independence.  As Americans, we were honored to join both in the remembrance and the promise of last night’s event.

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