Unemployment – Innovation – Education

I am going to Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, on March 16 and 17, to meet among many others, students and faculty at the University of Tartu.  At the University, I will speak to the issue of innovation as part of the answer to one of the most painful problems besetting people around the globe – unemployment.  No single proposed solution can hope to “fix” too few jobs in the United States, in Estonia, or anywhere else.  But creative and energetic private sectors, supported by sound government policies, must be one of the components of healthy new job markets.  The fields where we need the next leaps in technology and knowledge have been much talked about:  renewable energy, information technology and infrastructure security,  food security, and global health.  There are many more.  Education and research are at the base of all future advances.  That is why I will also be meeting with Estonia’s Minister of Education and Research and using Tartu University as a platform to address these issues.  No country is too small to innovate and no country is too large to unravel the complexities of  its economy and society.  Estonia and the U.S. must join in the next innovation revolution.


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5 responses to “Unemployment – Innovation – Education

  1. Christian

    I’ll be waiting your ideas on the label of Estonia! 🙂

    • Michael C. Polt

      Christian, I remember our conversation in Tartu and look forward to participating in brainstorming over the best possible international label for Estonia. But the initial input must come from Estonians, not the American Ambassador. I look forward to hearing from you and your friends first, and we can take it from there. Agreed?

  2. Christian

    Ambassador, as I was reading article about you liking our yougurth I thought that this could be the label. As our Dr.Hellus drinks and other brands have gotten many positive results in health caring tests, eating healthy food is a tough decision because all of the junk food is mainly tastier and cheaper, but Dr.Hellus yougurth being pretty cheap and heavenly tasteful, this could be our label. Hoping hearing back from you, cheers!

    • Christian, healthy food from Estonia could be an element of creating an Estonia label, but I think alone it is too narrow. Estonia does so much more than just make fantastic yogurt. A national label that is recognized around he world would have to capture the whole essence of the country, its people, and its ambition.

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