Mobile Phones and Good Government

Good, modern, and efficient e-governance is routine in Estonia.  So is the use of the latest technology for everything from internet voting to buying movie tickets.  U.S. Secretary of State Clinton, in a speech she delivered on Internet Freedom this past January, called for using modern information technology to empower citizens and circumventing politically motiovated censorship.  As an example, Secretary Clinton challenged innovators to build “a mobile phone application that would allow people to rate government ministries, including ours, on their responsiveness and efficiency and also to ferret out and report corruption.”  What about it, Estonian innovators?  Your country is already working on democratic society development in many places.  This could be another important contribution from E-stonia.


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5 responses to “Mobile Phones and Good Government

  1. Ilmar

    Heh, way ahead of you. =)

    There’s a portal,, where anybody can raise a subject for discussion or share their opinions about Estonian government institutions.

    The best aspect about it is that government officials can give an offical response to every subject at hand.

    I guess it’s not _exactly_ what Ms.Clinton had in mind, but it’s close enough not to be disimissed as an alternative.

  2. Was just reading about this US start-up, Votizen, which is launching platform to inform representatives of constituents views:

    While not exactly Sec. Clinton’s vision, but is it another way for the American public to have its voice heard on Capitol Hill.

  3. LeeAnne

    Here is a potential opportunity for someone to build on/develop the m-democracy idea:

  4. LeeAnne

    Garage48 is hosting a Public Services event at the end of the month. They are looking for ideas. You could post your idea on this facebook page and see if anyone runs with it:

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