Estonia Hosts Its Allies, Secretary Clinton Returns To Tallinn

On April 22 -23, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will join her Estonian and other NATO colleagues for a meeting of Alliance Foreign Ministers in Tallinn.  The location of this meeting is no doubt both a pleasure and a burden for our Estonian hosts.  I particularly want to thank the people of Tallinn in advance  for their patience with the inevitable disruption we will cause for a couple of days. 

But Secretary Clinton is not only attending an important NATO event, she is coming back a third time to Estonia to visit with true friends.  A lot has happened since her last visit in 2004.  During that year, Estonia joined NATO and the EU.  Estonia reassumed its rightful place in a free Europe it never left in its soul and became a fierce defender of freedom in the Transatlantic Alliance. 

In 2007, Estonia not only overcame a cyberattack  on its territory,but responded by establishing a NATO Cyberdefense Center.  Estonian soldiers have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan and kept the peace in the Balkans.  During the past three years, Estonia weathered the most severe global economic crisis since the Great Depression and is emerging in such sound shape that you are on track to introduce the Euro as your currency in a little more than eight months from now. 

Talk about success!  In 2004, Senator Clinton visited a resolute and proud Estonia clearly on the move. Next week she will see the amazing results of Estonia’s journey to date.  She will be immensely pleased, but somehow I suspect she will not be surprised.  Estonians live up to their own high expectations of themselves.  The rest of us know that you consistently punch above your weight. 

Welcome back Madam Secretary!


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8 responses to “Estonia Hosts Its Allies, Secretary Clinton Returns To Tallinn

  1. Sven

    Welcome back Madam Secretary and a big Thank You for the online interview in Delfi, mr. Ambassador Polt!

    Best regards to You and I hope You enjoy Your stay in Estonia.

  2. Посол США Майкл К. Полт в онлайн-интервью порталу Delfi сказал, что в случае нападения России на Эстонию Соединенные Штаты придут на помощь нашей стран
    У вас в посольстве хорошее виски…
    Проблемы Эстонии не кончаются националистами – бушистами, которым вы так мило подмигнули.

  3. edgar

    I think that is wery nice for usa to come to our aid.its really nice to know that, and it really matters for me and for the rest of our people. I think if we stick together, we will overcome all problems. aAl 28 countryes lets stand together as one big family!:)

  4. Yes, it is always nice to see old and faithful friends.

  5. Thank You for answering questions in Estonian Delfi.

    One question was that: please answer yes or no if USA helps Estonia when Russia attacks Estonia.

    I am pleased that Your answer was Yes.

    Many of Estonians are still skeptical – maybe USA do not help when Russia attacks Estonia.

    We remember that USA did not help Finland 1939 (Winter war) – Russia attacked Finland and robber part of Finland. Russia still occupies part of Finland (Karelia, Petsamo, so on).

    USA helps imperialistic Russia to occupy Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and so on.

    It was OK that USA helped South-Korea in Korean war. This time North-Korea, Russia and China attacked South-Korea. BUT USA did not release Northern part of Korea, and this is big problem also today.

    It was OK that USA helped South-Vietnam in Vietnam war. But unfortunately USA did not fight with all possible power and we know the tragedy.

    USA have done good job in Iraq and Afghanistan but USA has very small Ground Forces – big problems with this lack of men. So if Estonia needs your help you have not enough men in your Ground Forces. Maybe you want to help, but …


    Juhani Putkinen

  6. Louise

    I feel so ignorant…but is Russia really going to attack Estonia? I thought we were allies to Russia? What form of government does Estonia have?

    • william Cline

      Do not feel alone in not understanding even the Estonian Government. I married an Estonian lady and while We visited her family in Estonia I was able to see everyday the life of the average Estonian citizen. Of the many foreign countires the US has relationship with, Estonia most closely mirrors the US morals and standards of a bygone time period. Their everyday life reflects their belief in a strong family and a strong work ethnic. Their transporation and internet access is a leader the other countries could well emulate with pride. I have 3 grand daughters by marriage and all 3 look forward to attending school and espcially learning.
      A vacation in Estonia would be a valuable lesson in a beginning basic uderstanding of Estonia and its Citizens.

  7. Louise

    THANK YOU! well, i can’t really afford a vacation to estonia, because I’m a teenager. But I would like to know about some reading materials I could use.

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