Regarding U.S. Resolve and Capability

I was delighted to see a rather active set of responses to my recent piece on our Secretary of State’s return visit to Tallinn and to my on-line interview to the Delphi News Service.  There were both appreciative and sceptical comments about the U.S. military strength and our willingness to commit our power to our NATO allies, specifically Estonia.  To those who welcomed the return of Secretary Clinton to Estonia as a close friend and trusted ally, we appreciate your warm welcome in this country.  To those who expressed doubts about U.S. capacity or resolve in defending our interests and those of our allies, I would simply recall that throughout the more than 300-year history of my country, those who have underestimated our strength or our resolve, have consistently found themselves to be on the wrong side of history.

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One response to “Regarding U.S. Resolve and Capability

  1. Peg

    Your last sentence states the facts so well.

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