Happy to Connect Estonians

Our Embassy recently organized a visit to the United States by a group of Estonian local government leaders from various parts of the country.  Such programs to visit the U.S. for all kinds of Estonian professionals are an important part of our Public Diplomacy and outreach programs.  Among the participants of this local government program was Mr. Innar Mäesalu, the Deputy Mayor of Vöru, in southern Estonia. We always look for feedback from such visits to hear what worked for our guests and what did not, so we can repeat the good and fix the not-so-good.  This time, I was particularly pleased with a comment Mr. Mäesalu offered after his return.  He had met civic leaders from Narva and Sillamäe for the first time during their U.S. visit together and and he now planned to visit them in northeastern Estonia this month.  “Without this program, I would have never met them,” Mr. Mäesalu told us.   People to people diplomacy in action.


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2 responses to “Happy to Connect Estonians

  1. William Cline

    Sure wish a mention of these visits would have been made in advance. My wife says Indiana weather and people are much the same as Estonia. Additionaly, Indiana University has an established Estonian Community. In fact IU is one of the few University that has an Estonian Language/ Culture teaching CHAIRS in the US.
    Our own part of Indiana is physically similiar to Estonia, with a German cultural background and a long history of wood working background Industries. Many smaller Southern Indiana towns closely resemble the smaller Estonian communities.

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