It’s High Noon for America

high-noonElection Day 2016 is High Noon for America and this time we can’t let Marshal Hillary face the outlaw alone.  Ok, so Hillary is not exactly Gary Cooper and Bill Clinton is certainly not Grace Kelly, but the villain played by Ian McDonald also doesn’t look anything like Donald Trump.  None of that matters, because our America is in danger, just like Hadleyville.  Whether Democrat or Republican, Independent or Green; Whether you love or distrust Marshal Hillary or even if you are willing to forgive the villain his past transgressions, we must not let Donald Trump take over our town! Our marshal knows that it is the citizens, however intimidated,  who own Hadleyville, and that she is not a one-woman reality show.  November 8 is High Noon, and this time, we are all her deputies! Note to all Western fans: please explain to the rest of the country.


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