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Service To Freedom

A few days ago I had the opportunity to congratulate two U.S. Marines assigned to our Embassy’s Marine Security Guard Detachment on their advancement in their military careers.  One was a promotion and the other a re-enlistment for another tour in the Marine Corps.  A large number of my Embassy colleagues — American and Estonian — joined us in the military ceremony.  I have attended many such powerful events in the past, but they never fail to move me.   I am proud and humbled by the willingness of our young men and women to sacrifice and to face danger for all Americans and for peace and security around the world.  U.S. policy may be subject to debate and argumentation at times, but the valor of our military professionals must not be.  Estonia and its soldiers have made similar choices to defend freedom inside and outside their borders, and also accepted the accompanying risks.  They deserve the same respect and thanks from a grateful nation and a grateful world community.

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Unified Pressure on Iran to Uphold Basic Human Rights

In a joint statement, the European Union and the United States have called on Iran to “live up to its international human rights obligations, to end its abuses against its own people, to hold accountable those who have committed the abuses and to release those who are exercising their rights.” Such pressure is most effective when there is a unified approach; together the U.S. and members of the EU are upholding the human rights of all people everywhere.

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